HP Slate – Better than iPad?

Before we knew about the iPad, HP gave us a teaser of their new tablet-style portable device at CES 2010. After the iPad announcement, the HP “Slate” (not its official name) has become the most noteworthy competitor spoken about. The Slate runs Windows 7 on an Atom processor, and will support Flash and multi-tasking (2 of the biggest gripes against the iPad).


“You’re getting a full web browsing experience in the palm of your hand,” said Phil McKinney, vice president and chief technology office, HP adding “No watered-down internet, no sacrifices” in an obvious jab at Apple.

Although there are no spec details yet, HP has released a video which introduces the slate. From the video it looks like the tablet will have a full capacitative touchscreen. With icons to quickly access apps and digitized viewing of newspapers and magazines, the Slate is very similar to the iPad. The video shows the Slate running a video, a web-based Flash game, a photo-editing software and a digitized New York Times.

With a $550 June release, will the Slate be the iPad alternative for Windows specific users, or will it outstrip the Apple device altogether? Any views?

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  2. [...] The Slate (releasing later this year) is the one that the iPad has to look out for. It will come equipped with an Atom processor and run on Windows 7. The HP tablet will support Flash and has USB support for printers, a mouse or even external outputting. Initial price indications are about $550. Read comparision. [...]

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