Gateway LT21 Netbook Review

Gateway LT21 Netbook Review – 6.5/7 There are 12 different models of the new Gateway LT series of netbooks. What we’re going to do is a generic review, mentioning base level specifications as well as the upgrades and how much they cost. To start off with, there are 3 differently specced models, and the variations [...]

Black Friday Deals – Gateway LT2202u now only $229

We’ve been focussing on the upcoming shopping bonanza (Black Friday), and have mentioned how deals will start appearing online. Here’s one that we spotted. Amazon has dropped the price of its Gateway LT2022u from $300 to only $229! The LT2022u is a very stylish netbook with decent specs. The model in this deal has a [...]

Gateway LT20 Netbook Review

Gateway LT20 Netbook Review - 5.75/7 This is a generic review of the Gateway LT20 series of netbooks. There are about 8-10 different models under this particular series, and the differences range from the speed and capacity of the HDD, RAM speed, the number of cells and power of the battery, and the processor. Also the [...]