Best Netbooks Around after CES

Almost all the major (and minor) netbook makers have released or are in the process of releasing an updated version of their netbooks this January. That’s because they’re trying to integrate the Pine Trail processor from Atom which promises better battery life. This has caused a slew of new releases as well as a shakeup [...]

List of CES & other 2010 Netbook releases

For a while now, we’ve been keeping you updated on the netbooks that were supposed to be released at the CES. For those of you who didn’t know, Intel launched its new Pine Trail series of processors which gave netbook-makers the opportunity to upgrade their products. The CES is generally an event at which manufacturers [...]

December’s Bestselling Netbooks

The month’s best selling netbook has been the Acer AOD250-1197 with Windows 7 Starter. The ASUS Eee PC 1005HA held on to the top spot for the last few months, but the price cut to $279.99 really boosted Acer sales. This type of buying behaviour ties in with our theorizing regarding netbooks. Inexpensive netbooks are [...]