Samsung X120 Netbook Review

Samsung X120 Netbook Review – 6/7 Samsung has a stellar range of netbooks and according to Digitimes, they’ve actually shipped more netbooks than ASUS in the first few months of 2010. The Samsung X120 looks to fill the gap between underpowered netbooks and not so portable laptops, featuring a CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage) processor, [...]

Samsung N210 Netbook Review

Samsung N210 Netbook Review – 6/7 With a history of solid netbooks in its kitty, Samsung has churned out yet another one – the N210. This latest offering has a sturdy chassis that feels solid and has no flex. It is stylish as well, with a professional looking textured lid outlined with a thin layer [...]

Samsung NB30 Netbook Review

Samsung NB30 Netbook Review – 6.25/7 We’ve been impressed with most Samsung netbooks so far, and the NB30 keeps up to that expectation. It features the base rung of netbook specifications from the N450 processor and 1GB memory, to the 160GB storage. But unlike most of its competitors, the NB30 does have a USP – [...]